FERS MRA Plus 10

What is the FERS MRA + 10 Retirement?

Federal employees covered under the FERS retirement system are offered a unique retirement option, the MRA+10. The MRA+10 option allows you to retire at your minimum retirement age (MRA) with as few as 10 years of service. Hence, if you want to retire but aren’t eligible for an immediate unreduced retirement under the standard age…

The Most Important Step In A Successful Financial Plan (VIDEO)

Here are the two reasons defining your Why is the most important step in creating a successful financial plan. Read this article for a step-by-step guide on defining the why behind your financial life plan.

calculator and notepad placed over stack of usa dollars

6 Tips To Tune-Up Your Finances For The New Year

As you kick off your new year, it’s important that you take the time to ensure your finances will support the year you hope to have rather than hinder it. Since our finances affect every facet of our lives, improving your finances can support success in other areas of your life. Use the following 6…

FERS Immediate Retirement

The FERS Immediate Retirement In Under 3 Minutes (VIDEO)

Federal employees covered under FERS who wish to retire under the immediate retirement option must meet specific age and years of service requirements. This video will review the FERS immediate retirement eligibility requirements in under 3 minutes. To learn more about the FERS retirement options and eligibility, read this article.


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