Top 2022 Articles For Federal Employees

I think every federal employee can agree that 2022 was an eventful year. This past year was full of noteworthy events, from huge TSP changes and wild market ups and downs to the approval of the largest COLA in decades.

As we reflect on the year, I’ve compiled the top five most-read articles of 2022. This list includes topics ranging from avoiding a big TSP mistake to reviewing the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program.

Take a moment to read and catch up on the articles federal employees liked best. Plus, enjoy a few bonuses.

Top 5 Articles of 2022

  1. 1. The Big Mistake To Avoid When Transferring Your TSP
  2. 2. The Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program For Federal Employees
  3. 3. Early Retirement Options For Federal Employees
  4. 4. Reasons Why Federal Employees Should Hire A Financial Advisor
  5. 5. The Backdoor Roth IRA: What Federal Employees Need To Know

Bonus Content: 3 Most Popular Articles From Past Years

  1. 1. How Do The FERS COLAs Work?
  2. 2. FERS Annual And Sick Leave At Retirement
  3. 3. How Is Your FERS High-3 Calculated?

2022 was a great year, and I look forward to helping even more federal employees make smart financial decisions in 2023. If you find any of these articles helpful, please share them with your colleagues so we can help even more Feds this year!

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2023 Legislative Change Notice

The SECURE ACT 2.0 passed and impacted many of the articles on this website. While the articles were correct when written, it’s impossible to re-write every article. Please consult a qualified professional (i.e., CFP®, CPA, or attorney) before implementing any strategy.

Author: Jose Armenta, MsBA, CFP®, ChFC®, EA

Hi, I’m Jose Armenta, a Certified Financial Planner practitioner. For over 14 years, I have worked with or among federal employees, from serving in the Marine Corps to my stint as a police dispatcher and now as a financial planner specializing in helping FERS federal employees. In that time, I have spoken to hundreds of federal employees about their benefits and retirement. Helping federal employees maximize their benefits, reduce taxes, and live confidently is a passion of mine. When I am not perfecting financial plans, you’ll find me at the shooting range, playing the drums, or breaching blanket forts with my three little ones.